The Gardens & The City

The Gardens & The City

The Gardens & The City

Again the Ibis is there. Two little water hens were pecking around, and keeping a beady eye on him. They can run quite fast I noticed when Mr Ibis gives them the evil eye.

This was a great spot for looking at a whole layer of things. I was on the way back towards the Band Lawn where the group would later meet, and there was about enough time – say 20 mins at most – to draw something else. A shady tree extended it’s lovely branches over me and I could sit on the cool grass and contemplate my blank page.

I do like that Greek Monument which I had a good look at,and read all about on the little plaque. The girls called it the Coffee Grinder! It’s nestled between plants and shrubs and palms and pretty gardens, all of which give the setting a timeless feel. Quite a few couples were sitting on the lawns around about, reading, having a picnic, a glass of chardonnay – as you do. It’s very calming. You forget how glorious Botanical Gardens can be.

Then you raise your eyes to the 21st century monuments in the background. You don’t feel so calm when you see all that. Those buildings are full of busy city workers with deadlines to meet, most days, but at least they can come and sit here and take some deep breathes. Then hurry hurry back to their desks.


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