Afternoon Tea at the Gardens

Sketchclub Afternoon Tea

Sketchclub Afternoon Tea

The Royal Botanical Gardens whatsmore. You might think it’s all about plants with latin names,  odd cacti and duckponds, but that simply isn’t so.

The centre of the Gardens – Royal – don’t forget, has a wonderful old building housing the main restaurant. This is where we were having our special afternoon tea after Sketch Club. This is a feature for the whole 6 weeks while Garden Sketchabout is on.

The staff brought the 3 level display centrepice and placed it down while taking our beverage order, suggesting we could draw before the REAL food was brought out. Umm, well it wasn’t quite a painting on it’s own, until the cakes and scones arrived. Most of us did a sketch and then had our little tastings.

As you can see, Alissa is working up quite an appetite, and Jennifer is holding up well at the far end. There are definitely rewards for all the effort we put in.

May not get to do this again this week as they have an early wedding booked. How could they!

Looking forward to exploring more corners of the Royal Botanical Gardens. I may draw a funny cactus and something with a latin name.



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