Rain Rain Rain on Sketch Club Day

Inside the Tropical Centre

Inside the Tropical Centre

I knew last night when the weather went pear-shaped, that today would be the same. However nothing holds back a dedicated Sketcher.

Sure enough you could barely see in front of you. My journey begins with walking to the wharf and catching the Manly Ferry. So wearing my ‘Cougar Print’ hooded raincoat ( thanks Niki from Texas), umbrella, boots and scarf, I battled the wind to get there.

Once at Circulat Quay Liz had said she’s be starting the day drawing tea cosies at the Irish Design Centre cafe. So I headed to The Rocks and met up with some brave souls and ordered my coffee and scones. ( Cannot think when I last had a scone ) then off to the Opera House to meet anyone else mad enough to want to draw on a wet Saturday.

Had a go at sketching the bridge but rain drops kept falling on my head!! and paper.

Finally we met up with the Botanical Gardens Sketchers and just stayed inside the Tropical Centre. There must have been 15+ people all sitting in damp places deeply involved in whatever subject they’d chosen. Many did beautiful botanical closeup drawings and paintings of some of the exotic inhabitants of this place.

Mine was intended to be looking toward the curved roof with the massive palm leaves creating a canopy. Then down to some of the yellow and red details amonst the green green green. I’ve cropped it tightly to create a pattern of leaves

Finally back on the ferry rocking and rolling back to Manly, and closer to my cup of tea. A great day.


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