Dramatic Rainclouds

Rain clouds over Sydney

Rain clouds over Sydney

I was with Sketchclub and attempting to get some drawing in at the Opera House before heading to a dry spot at The Royal Botanical Gardens adjoining. Most people like to see sunny skies but here we have some dramatic rain clouds – with some dramatic rain.

For a few moments it seemed safe to sit on the ledge across from the Harbour Bridge. Of course I didn’t bother to close my bag and the rain came down. I did stick it out till I had at least something that made sense.  I even noticed the people doing Bridgeclimb, tiny groups of figures on the top left curve. Hello wet everything in my bag.

Luckily I had the ‘Niki’ raincoat which folds up into one of the pockets. Absolutely brilliant. I don’t need my third hand to hold the umbrella – I can use it to do something else.

It’s the clouds I find so interesting. Great big lumps of fluff with lovely greys, blues lilacs and lavenders. The darkest colour is at the base but there is a reflective light just on the edge – clouds being round.

Easter is giving us some very dramatic clouds every day.  I love the big white ones next to the navy blue. Some have pink, gold  and even a touch of avocado. Yummy.



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