A Little Expressionism

Manly, on the Water

Manly, on the Water

I seem to be liking these colours at the moment. Gelato colours. Chunky strokes. Lost edges. No blacks.

This canvas began as a spare which I had no plans for, because it didn’t have the thick sides I like. But there it was when I had a palette full of extra acrylic paint I didn’t want to throw out. And as I do, I use leftover colours over gesso to create a good base for whatever painting will take place.

Not sure why but I had lots of strawberry crush, and blueberry pie colours, so on they went.

This week after I’d done the tiny soft painting, I felt like doing my favourite view on top of those colours. I simply started with a big old brush and put shapes in I thought would work. It took shape quite quickly leaving lots of under-colour showing, but thought the blue should be a hint more aqua so changed that. Mixed sage green to go with it. The caramel  and french yellows were fine and the blush pink worked too.

I had such a good time. Definitely softening every edge on the way, and topping up areas to bring lots of colour change as your eye moves through. Looks good now it’s done. Even though I like thicker sides, it’s fine. That’s just me.



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