The Potter’s Cat

The Potter's Cat by Glenys Cullimore

The Potter's Cat by Glenys Cullimore

It’s been a good productive week in the Studio. A real flurry of action.Lots of painting going on.

We’ve also squeezed in ‘The Archibald’ exhibition at AGNW and ‘Salon des Refuses’ at SH Ervin Gallery, The Bathers this morning – where we exhibit next year, plus some great teas and coffees.

Glenys has been working with me while she’s here and already has this one – ‘Le chat de Potiers’ –  complete, and another virtually done. We still have a few more days to go, so who knows how many more creations will come flying out of the Studio.

I had prepared two canvases. I like them ready to get paint on once I know what I want to do. Today I was working on a soft coloured view started yesterday. Today I continued with it, putting paint on, rubbing paint back, changing colours, overpainting, dilly dallying etc.  Glenys did her composition drawings from her reference photos till she got one she liked. Then on with the paint and before long, another little slice of French life – as she sees it – comes to life.

It’s so good to have another painter alongside, who can make suggestions when you get stuck. I’ll miss her when she goes.


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