Bright Colour, Rich Texture

Colour Texture X 3

Colour Texture X 3

I’d had these 3 canvases for awhile. Each had a very textured base I’d created with gesso and scrunched up paper.

My plan had been to create a series of 3 which would hang together.

But being me I’d not followed that idea, but done contemporary compositions in everything from pure colour, to gelato ones. Each was interesting but didn’t really make it on their own or as a group. So – even though I’d prepared 2 other new canvases, I suddenly took these 3 and gessoed over the lot.

Back to plan A. I wanted bright clear colour, and a good composition. So two were done. I’d left the third one white, and when a customer had said he loved just the texture as it was with the others, I decided to leave them as is.

You can hang them in any combination. It just depends how you like them. I remembered seeing a small group of 5 panels at an exhibition recently. 3 were painted and two blank.  looked great.

I can still paint the third one, Maybe in one of the colours used in the other 2. Or a soft neutral. I welcome your views.


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