Afternoon Shadows, Manly Beach

Afternoon Shadows Manly

Afternoon Shadows Manly

This is a Winter beach painting. If it was summer, you’d hardly see the sand for people, and the shadows would be much less.

Winter can be the best of both seasons. Clear blue skies, no wind, calm seas and no humidity – and warm. I do put clouds in my paintings anyway, cos I love them.

The shadows at this time of year are very dramatic from late afternoon on, and I like the moment when I add that blue-lavender across the painting at the end. You know you are about to do it. Get plenty of the colour mixed, hold your breath and go go go. Then stand back and see how it’s brought the whole painting to life. Mostly it’s worked. Yay.

I should say here, that people swim all year round at Manly. Not all of us, but many do. Manly Beach is never without someone swimming, and certainly surfing, and definitely lying in the sun, so I’m not making up the scene above at all.

That’s two watercolours now. Hoping to draw again this week if it stops raining.



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