Fishermen & the waiting Pelicans

Fishermen & Waiting Pelicans

Fishermen & Waiting Pelicans

What a wonderful weekend away with the girls. My Yoga friends had talked about getting away somewhere together, doing some yoga, some sketching, walking, exploring, much conversation with a little wining and dining.

You learn some lovely things about 5 girls (and one 13yr old doggie)  all chipping in what they do best over 3 glorious days.  Two are amazing ‘Masterchefs’ ( to me who doesn’t do food confidently.)  My contribution was morning and afternoon tea, (very difficult!) and sketching on both days, for anyone who felt like trying their skills. In fact,each one totally absorbed themselves – you could hear a pin drop – and worked on the little still lifes set up to study. And each girl was very rewarded by what she produced, one for the first time.

After breakfast and a morning walk, we had a beautiful Yoga session each day, with lunch not far away. That ran into afternoon tea, and dinner was on our minds as we knew what was on the menu each night.

Sunday lunch was just perfect, overlooking the pelicans floating beside the restaurant, eating our fresh seafood.  Those pelicans get the same look in those big blinking eyes as our Amelie when she’s hoping for a scrap from the table. (Never gets one but these guys did.)

It was after that we sat on the edge of the park by the river, to do some sketching. On the rocks were a small group of pelicans, patiently waiting. They knew that before long the weekend fishermen would arrive and skin and fillet the fish they’d just caught. We were so enthralled as the pelicans got closer and closer to the table. About 35 by then. The rewards were the insides and other bits I’d rather not describe, which were tossed to some lucky birds. I was fascinated how well mannered they were about it.  Not everyone would be lucky but there was very little aggression. Try the same with a bunch of seagulls – which did try for a place on the edges.

The fisher chaps were very intrigued with the 5 ladies sitting on the seats with sketch books. They wondered if they could have a new look, more hair,  and one thought he could be John Wayne! It’s a very tiny town I should add, so perhaps those are the latest movies.  Anyway, they were very funny and even offered us some fish, ready to go, just caught. Two of the girls decided to accept so I gave that chap the very quick sketch I’d just done of him and his fleet of pelicans looking on adoringly. He was pretty thrilled really. Heaven knows what his wife will make of it.


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  1. Nichola

    Enjoy reading your hilarious anecdotes almost as much as checking out your sketches. Thanks for the belly laughs. Love the fisher chap who wanted to be John Wayne! Bless!


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