Spanish Mission style to go.

Casa Mia on Manly Cove

Casa Mia on Manly Cove

I saw in the local rag that this sublime Spanish Mission style mansion will soon make way for yet another contemporary apartment block.

As part of my sketches of Manly Homes & Gardens I thought I’d better get down there quick smart and get it on paper. So before going to the Studio this morning, I went looking for it. Turns out it’s directly opposite from our place, and now I know which one it is, I’ll know when they begin knocking it down.

A number of people are concerned that it’s been let  to go to rack and ruin. The council did consider a Heritage listing at one stage, but somehow that’s no longer the case and demolition is ahead.

It’s on a remarkable piece of land with the lawn going down to the harbour. I sat in front looking up at the house with the harbour glistening behind me in the morning sun. It was gorgeous. Peaceful. Reminders of another time. Garden parties. Beautiful clothes. Dipping toes in the water. Pure elegance.

Now ‘Casa Mia’ looks a bit sad. It is rather run down now and has been apartments for a few years. No longer the glorious harbourside home of the 30’s. I’m thrilled however, that I had the chance to draw it before it’s just a memory.


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