Once a Service Station

Old Service Station

Old Service Station

It’s been a while since this quaint little building has seen new life.

Sitting on a corner, surrounded by much larger, and very unstylish buildings, sits this decorative ‘home’ like place, which truly was a service station. When you look at it, it’s all there. Drive through for petrol, side doors for motor repairs, everything for a tiny but perfectly formed garage.

It’s called ‘Auckland’ but I don’t know the history of that.

Somehow having such a purpose-built architecturally designed, single level building –  on a valuable piece of real estate, was bound to eventually seal it’s fate. So while the next door buildings were purchased by developers, the whole corner has been abandoned and fenced off for years.

Now it looks like Raglan Gallery ( we missed you guys when you left the area ) may be bringing back new life to this spot, just in time for the Manly Arts Festival, and just steps away from the bustling heart of Manly. Three cheers.



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