The Man on the Tyres

The Man on the Tyres

The Man on the Tyres

Now I’m sure I can remember seeing this notable landmark, years ago, as one drove towards Manly. It was a very amusing creation outside what was once Sinden’s Garage on Sydney Road.

I’d completely forgotten about it till one of the locals pointed out where he still is, across the road from my Studio. Wow, really. Yes. Still there, in a cut down version, where now there is an apartment block. But at least they kept it. Not that you would know, as it’s been grown out by trees.

I did some sketches to work out a drawing, as he might have been. He sits atop a frame, and his faded coat and trousers look to have been red. His head and Top Hat look like a shop dummy perhaps. He has big boots on his feet, and leans forward as he did when sitting on a column of car tyres. In those days he was way up high and one always looked out for it. They say he used to get a change of clothes for special occasions.

So here he is. A bit sad today. But it might be worth seeing if we could get the trees cut back a bit around him. He’s an icon. These things are worth saving as bits of the past which we can all enjoy. I think he’d like to see us all smiling up at him again.


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