Sunrise Sketch & Sunday Sketch group

Sunrise, Walkway to Manly

Sunrise, Walkway to Manly

Warm up sketch 1

Warm up sketch 1

Did a quick sketch on Friday, to show the class on Sunday.

If you know your location and have good reference, it CAN work to sketch from. Here was a 5.40am sunrise recently which was sooooo beautiful. I do prefer sketches are done in that moment of course, but somehow in my pj’s , cup of tea in hand and sans sketchbook – the camera was the best I could do. It happens.

By sketching in the bones of it and applying watercolour, it did seem to capture something of what I felt that morning. This is only 110gsm paper, so can be a little tricky.

And so to Sunday. The 3rd Sketch group in the Manly Arts Festival, which ended today. A lovely group again, and knuckled down straight away to a warm up sketch of art materials or flower stems. Most found it easier to do flowers and get their sketching eye working, before heading out to the park.

It was really a hot day for the beginning of September, so the park was cool and with the birds chorusing, was perfect  for our ‘botanical’ sketching day.

Three people were with us for the first time, so a quick reminder that erasers are banned caused a little gasp, but soon understood the freedom that comes with those first brave swoops of the pen.

Most hadn’t seen the lovely effect that water soluble coloured pencils, teamed with a water pen can have once you have several line sketches ready for colour.  Sometimes a sketch which hadn’t seemed to capture what you saw, can come to life with just the right touches of colour added.

Another enjoyable day and a happy group who’ve now discovered the joys of catching the moment, each in their own style and everybody went home with delightful work they were proud of.



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