Bienvenue au d’ Alibert D’Hotel

Welcome to Hotel D'Alibert

Welcome to Hotel D'Alibert

I am supposed be to thinking ‘Balmoral’, now that the exhibition is over. But my head is in South of France. All because I’m back there next September – and planning to take a few artists with me.

Because it will essentially  be a sketching trip about the food and wine of the Minervois (Languedoc) – with some history thrown in – I’m thinking about the night we will dine at one of my favourite restaurants around the area, Hotel D’Alibert. Beyond that huge wooden door, Frederic serves food of the region in an ancient abbey so the atmosphere and setting are knock out.

Apart from all that, I’m expecting everybody to sketch before during and after the main event. A few wines and we’ll see how the sketches look!

Hotel D’Alibert ( will fix that little apostrophe tomorrow) is in the village of Caunes, about 5 minutes by car from Trausse – where we will be staying – and 10 minutes by bicycle. A beautiful little town for sketching with a vibrant arts community to boot. Will see if our group can meet a few.



  1. Noel Garner

    Nice one Erin. I’m on the French wavelength having painted this afternoon from the very same window from which Monet painted his light studies of the west facade of Rouen cathedral.


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