Yellow Daisies – a decorative acrylic

Yellow Daisies

Yellow Daisies

A little bit French. But of course.

If you think you’ve seen this painting from me before – well you have –  and you haven’t!

This is a textured canvas I’d created when I first had a go at some mixed media acrylics awhile back. Since then it’s probably had at least 5 paintings on top of the first one.

Can you believe I’d done 3 of these very textured canvases!  I simply couldn’t feel happy with any of them, so they were put out of sight so I wouldn’t feel annoyed by them.

Yesterday a friend of mine was commenting on the small square ‘decoratives’ with the French feel hanging in the Studio. Later I wondered if that look would go on these … #+@&#… textured canvases.

So I was keen to get to the Studio today and see what would happen. So I dragged them out of hiding, took a deep breath, and got stuck in. I felt quite pleased as I progressed that perhaps this one, at last, was working.

Il est fait.


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