Waiting for the long P&O journey

Little Boy on P&O about 1950

Little Boy on P&O about 1950

What good day we had.  Meetup at The Maritime Museum for Sketchclub.  Inside or out.

Whenever we’ve had Sketchclub here it’s been sunny, said Alissa in her blurb. Well guess what.  Not today!  On Friday it was 33 degrees. Today a wet and cold 13.

But you know what we Sketchers are like. Rain hail or shine there we are. At least 10 or more of us!

Inside was ‘Scott’s Last Expedition’ exhibition which was wonderful, although that wasn’t what I chose in the end. Actually was quite taken with this little boy sitting, waiting, wondering on his suitcase, surrounded by trunks and cases. He was made of white plaster contrasting greatly with the leather surrounding him.

These were some of the many people who took long sea voyages to find a new life. Many came to Australia, and it was several weeks on board the ship, before arriving in a country they’d never been to before, but with high hopes and expectations.


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