Sketching at the Jazz Festival

Manly Jazz Festival 1

Manly Jazz Festival 1

Manly Jazz Festival 2

Manly Jazz Festival 2

Oliver sleeps through

Oliver sleeps through

Every year, on this long weekend we have the fab Manly Jazz Festival.

It’s actually Labour day on Monday but no one cares about that because having a long weekend is the important bit. Oh and we have to move the clocks forward on Sunday night.

It’s soooo entertaining. Even if you are not a jazz fan, you can find a seat in front of the many stages where performers are on all day and evening for 3 days – and watch the people. You’ll see it all!!  Believe me.

I left a sign on the Studio door – ‘Gone Sketching’ it says. A little bit true.

So M and I took 2 dogs – Amelie and Ruby ( we’re dogsitting the Westie ) and joined the throng.

We found seats at several venues and I sketched, the dogs watched other dogs, M tapped his toes and the rain didn’t come down.

Later wandered off to have coffee, and this dear little bloke was having a lovely zzzzzz. At least he was a non- moving subject. His little sister entertained us with her tales of her rabbit, and we enjoyed a nice big buttery slice of banana bread, and an excellent coffee. Aaaaaah. What a good day.



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