The Demolition of an Ice Cream

Disappearing Ice Cream

Disappearing Ice Cream

The big delivery truck pulls up outside. I raise my eyes. The Ice Cream and other junk people eat I say to myself. All going into the little Convenience Store next door to my Studio.

The nice man pats Amelie ( and Ruby ) sitting on the doorstep in the sun. We smile and swap pleasantries. ‘I have a little dog like this’ says the nice man. Fluffy dogs always win people over.

‘Would you like an Ice Cream’ he asks!  My heart leaps. I’m  5 years old again. ‘Oh yes please’ I’m appalled to hear myself answer.

‘Rasberry & Pear or Honey & Macadamia?’

OMG I think  ‘the Honey & Macadamia, thank you’

Then I add ‘I love you’  Where did that come from??  He seems fine about my outburst of appreciation, and goes to get the ice cream.  Prolly happens all the time. Big truck. All sorts of goodies inside. Aladdin’s Cave.

Back comes the nice man and hands me the ice cream. ‘Thank you so much’

Nowdays they all come packaged. I might sketch this I think and place it down next to the watercolour pallette I’d just been using.

So I did, then decide to start eating before it melts. Quite warm in the Studio today. Any excuse. Quickly start the sketch before taking off the packaging. Oh it looks better than I thought. More like a real one. More drawing. More consuming. Yum. It’s good.

The nice man pops his head in before departing. ‘How was it?’  ‘Oh I’m sketching it’ I said.  He comes in to have a look, a little puzzled.

‘I’d love to learn to draw like that’ he said.  ‘Well you can you know’ I say.

‘You reckon?’ Off he goes happily thinking there’s a whole new world out there for him.

And there I am eating, sketching and having my own little party. I should have a party hat on!



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