Green Shutters with added Still Life

Green Shutters & Still Life

Green Shutters & Still Life

Green Shutters 1

Green Shutters 1

I knew there was something not quite complete about ‘Green Shutters 1’.

The thing I like about having work hanging in the Studio, is that sometimes you know something needs doing but don’t know what. Everything has been moved around now that the Exhibition is over and sold paintings gone. So it was a chance to see it in another position.

I’m perfectly happy to hang paintings which may not be my favourite – at that stage and observe them. I’d been eyeing ‘Green Shutters’ for a while. Why did I feel it needed changing? Perhaps the colour was all a bit the same. The background buildings too big, Hmmmm.

So the day came when I was ready to make the changes!! Ok ok get the paint ready. Stop procrastinating. Start.  Add the pears, grapes, and white dove. Then the iron balcony comes into a blank space. Then the pot plant. Finally the background buildings lose a few levels. St Patrick’s needs to stand out, and the other buildings can be the bridesmaids. Oh and the trees have new greens.

Almost there. What else? Put a few red flowers in with the white ones. OOooh I like that. Red really picks up all that green. So some touches of that go into the background.

Decided to curve the white waves around more and give the surfers lighter skin. Too sunburnt before. A knob on the shutters and it’s done.

I really feel happy with it now. That’s a good feeling, cos I didn’t feel that way before. Now –  what else needs re painting.


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