The Art of Sketching – inside & out

Inside - Still life for warm-up

Inside - Still life for warm-up

Outside- Sketching in the Park

Out - Sketching in the Park

On Thursday the warm-up sketch was a little more challenging. Handles, elipses, fruit, things sticking up and aaahhhhh……   But when one takes a breath, caaaalms – down and spend some time observing – it’s just shapes.

Everything IS just shapes. Once your left brain is told to go and sit in the corner and keep quiet, it’s easy to see that. It takes practice but before long that’s how you see the subject. My mantra is…. how high, how wide, where’s the centre, start there.

Then it was time for the park at the bottom of the hill. Lovely old 30’s buildings along one side for some students, and wonderful Morton Bay Figs, and palms for the others.

As I like to, I do a 5 minute sketch between checking everyone, then add some colour later. See above.

And another cafe this week, and another tasty lunch. This week we just chatted, so clearly everyone was happy with what they had in their sketchbooks.

Next week will be a new challenge – people!!!!!


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