Pouring Rain on Sketch Day

Rainy Morning Manly Wharf

Rainy Morning Manly Wharf

10.10am Ferry

10.10am Ferry

Heavy Machinery Room

Heavy Machinery Room

The forecast was for rain, but we still went ahead with our planned class visit to Cockatoo Island.

My first sketch was waiting at a cafe for the others to arrive, and the black sky and reflections show what the day was like.

The 2nd sketch is while seated on the ferry, looking out the window as we pulled away towards the harbour bridge – which was barely visible.

The 3rd sketch was one to show the scale of the place once on the island. It’s huuuuuuuge.

I set everyone a brief  the aim being to capture the character of the island as they saw it.

When we all met at lunch, indeed everyone had done amazingly well. Some had sketched fire hoses, taps , fittings, old windows, wheels – and more. An excellent record of our day.

Cockatoo is one of the many islands within Sydney harbour which have been opened for public use. It was a shipyard till recently, and one of the biggest in the south pacific when at it’s peak.

What is so fabulous is that so much of the equipment they used is still in position. Whole buildings where enormous ships were undercover, are now display space for all kinds of exciting exhibitions.

So it mattered not at all that it was raining, there is so much inside the buildings that you want to see. So many sketch subjects once you narrow it down. Another visit is a must.


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