Elafmephants & other Jungle Animals

Elephants, Mothers & Babies

Elephants, Mothers & Babies

Barbary Sheep, & Kodiak Bear

Barbary Sheep, & Kodiak Bear

Hippo & Zebra

Hippo & Zebra

That’s what I called elephants when I was six. I still like that word.

This was our Sketch Club outing at the Zoo. We rode all the way up to the top in the skypod thing, because it’s easier to slowly walk and sketch all the way down to the bottom, and catch the ferry home. Unless you are not going to the bottom, and then you have to walk up again!  You can’t win really, can you.

Sunday is a busy day at the Zoo. This means worming your way through the families at the front, where I want to be. Mostly you do get a spot, though if the animals have chosen to laze about miles away from where I am – well I cannot get the detail. Ok move on.

The elefmephants are very easy to see as they have a very spacious playground with lots of viewing rails. They have Thai styled buildings because…. they’re Thai elephants. At least I can sketch from one spot, even if my subjects are ambling about.

The barbary sheep were mostly dozing in the sun, so stayed where I wanted them nicely, including 2 cute babies in a rock crevice.

The lonely old Kodiak bear did a slow wander round his enclosure, looking for something interesting,  but didn’t find anything. So he sat down. Out of my view. Oh well I got 2 brief sketches.

The little Pygmy Hippo was very cooperative. Slept through the whole thing. Like a shiny leather sofa. Nice roundy shapes.

Opposite there were the Zebras. They are most interesting, with their strong little heads and necks, and entirely individual stripes. Very decorative.

The others managed monkeys, lions, seals and a few other wild animals they were lucky enough to see. However it’s always a bit random which ones will be on your pathway or not crowded out with people. Some of them just crawled away to sleep.

It’s a beautiful zoo and I feel very lucky to see these animals, and to sketch them. But I also feel a sadness in their demeanor and knowing they really have no life. I suppose we are protecting them, it’s hard to know.




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