Rain. It must be Thursday.

Waiting Outside the Art Gallery

Waiting Outside the Art Gallery

Sketching the Bathing Costumes

Sketching the Bathing Costumes

We are getting very good at smiling through the rain. I like everyone to be able to sketch anywhere, anytime but….. some old fashioned sunshine would be nice. Is anyone listening up there?

So it was that we headed for the Manly Art Gallery to sketch any exhibits which caught our eye, but especially the Bathing Exhibition, which feature all the items we used to wear in earlier times, plus the picnic, surfing and play gear. Most interesting. Trouble is while we’re all fascinated with what people used to go to the beach in,  I’m horribly aware that I used to wear those frilly flowery rubber bathing caps on display, and those stylish bathing suits. OMG. Well at least I didn’t wear the gold lamé 2 piece!

Because of the bright colours of the exhibition, the sketches worked well, and with the colour added while at lunch, everyone was pretty happy.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Guess what the weather forecast is showing!




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