Colour Intense Sketch

From the Island, Balmoral

From the Island, Balmoral

I’m trying some serious colour for a new series of sketches. Done on 300gsm Aquarelle Arches. Good solid strong colour.

Mask off the area and get the acrylic paint ready.

Because I’m looking through my sketches for good compositions I don’t need to do any drawing or indications on the paper at all. I like to keep a real spontaneity about my work especially if it’s not the first time I’ve done a subject.

Then it’s a matter of blocking in the big areas with acrylic paint, and following with small shapes. Finally the black pen gets ready for it’s star performance. Go. No turning back now. Whee.

And there it is. It’s on an easel for all to see – and comment on.




  1. edward vincent

    Did you take a pic before your beloved black pen was allowed to do it’s thing? If so I’d like to see it.

    As an artist, I’m intrigued by one’s instinct to contain everything within a black line. I’ve yet to see such a line in nature.

    Your ‘fluffy’ coloured works weren’t outlined, and they sing.

    Very nice anyway.
    Edward Vincent


  2. I don’t work from photos. I do a sketch at the location and sometimes use that as the basis for a larger work. The reference for the above was a sketch. I know you prefer the soft edged work and I’m pleased with some I’ve just completed, but enjoy the line over strong colour as well.
    Thanks for your comments, always good to hear from you.
    cheers, Erin


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