Mixed Media Acrylic – Balmoral & French Window

'Waiting for Shakespeare'

'Waiting for Shakespeare'

An entirely different work from the previous ‘Intense Colour Sketch’.

Again based on a sketch done at Balmoral Beach when sketching one day, this was about 5pm in the afternoon. People were beginning to spread out their picnics and rugs and get out the crisp white wine. Tonight at 8pm sharp would be a performance of a Shakespeare play in the rotunda.

This time I prepare an 18 X 24 inch canvas with scrunched paper towels which are then gessoed over and left to dry.

Once it’s ready to paint on I do a pale wash line to mark where the big areas will be. Then simply start applying the acrylic paint, looking at the sketch to remind me what is happening. I do move elements about and allow things to be take their own place. Time to stop looking at the sketch and concentrate on making sure this is working as a painting I’m happy with.

I am doing a series of ‘French Window’ paintings and this has joined those. Actually I do like it. I like paintings which you can back to and see more each time.

©ErinHill 2012

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