Wedding Sketch

Wedding Sketch

Mexican Fiesta Wedding Sketch

The Real Mexican Fiesta Wedding Couple

The Real Mexican Fiesta Wedding Couple

This was my little sketch to go on the programme, so everyone attending the outdoor ceremony would know what was supposed to happen.

As you can see our beautiful daughter Nicky and her husband Adrian look a whole lot better than the sketch. But I make no excuses – well not many! I hadn’t seen the dress although I did know what it would look like and the little fantasy head piece and teensy veil. And I knew the bouquets and buttonholes would have cacti, berries and a mix of fiesta colours.

I have to say it was a most gorgeous day. A pink and gold sky dawned and we knew we had a perfect day ahead.

Joanna and I drove across the city at the crack of dawn, already wearing our dresses, but sans makeup. No officer we haven’t just returned from a ghost party – this is us before look fabulous. The make-up lady could then turn the girls into glorious beings. And she did. The groom, his best man and best ‘lady’ – yes Amanda from San Fran soon took off to take their places at Ballast Point and await the visions who would soon follow.

What a fun family wedding it was.. Hot hot sun ( Mexican style ) at the outdoor ceremony. Relatives from far and wide – Joanna (sister) from Sweden, Aunt Patricia from Utah, and heaps from across the ditch, including her elder sister, and others from around Australia.

The Flying Fajita Sistas restaurant was the nearest in style to some Mexican favourites in San Francisco, where the wedding couple have been living. These two are serious foodies, so the idea was to have a wonderful lunch and share some of the best dishes with friends and family to celebrate their new lives together – in Boston!

Cousin Jenine took over the flowers and searched out the best ones from the markets, and made all the bouquets table decos etc. Groom’s Mum made the Mexican style wedding cake, Aunty Karla made a family favourite to go with a selection of Nicky & Adrian’s favourite cakes and desserts. Nicky had made little cutout Frieda Kahlo’s to hold labels for various drinks, cakes etc. Adrian had made tiny bags of delicious marshmallows each tied with people’s names, placed on decorative table settings, which showed them where to sit.

So great having all the cousins together. Hardly ever happens. Cousin,sisters, brothers, young friends, family friends and of course parents. That’s Milton & I. And John & Lorraine. Proud to bursting. Never cry but I did think I might.

At the end of the day most of the guests continued on to a popular pub to celebrate into the evening. The Bride and groom joined them before ‘retiring’ to the Shangri-lah to enjoy some amazing Sydney views and some time to re-live their very long day.

For us ‘oldies’ we couldn’t wait to get home and kick off our shoes and collapse – with a nice cuppa tea – as you do!!



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