A Very Stylish Affair

Before the show

Before the show

Guests mingling

Guests mingling

Glorious evening on the balcony

Glorious evening on the balcony

Carolyn, Lida, Rose, Erin outdoors

Carolyn, Lida, Rose, Erin outdoors

Oh they put on a 5 Star Opening at The Bather’s Pavilion.

Between 6.30 and 8.30 the invited guests cruised up the grand staircase to the exhibition upstairs. Da daaa.

Those who’d been before knew that if they went up the far stairs, they’d get their first glass before coming round to be greeted.

The staff had the wines chilled, glasses ready. A Clearview Sparkling Chardonnay, or Semillon, and for those who prefer a red, V3 2007 Cabernet/Shiraz.  These from our wine sponsor in Mudgee. A very tiny vineyard producing top quality, small quantity wines. People were very impressed as these folk know what they like.

As usual the trays of food were being brought around to guests constantly – at least 10 different dishes – were superb. Even the strongest of us , saving ourselves for an after show supper were tempted.

The weather was beautiful, so people had both the inside and outside to mix and mingle.

Sales were good. Quite a few red blobs on the title cards.

What more could I ask. A very stylish affair with followers of my work there to enjoy the ‘Summer Travels’ 2012 exhibition and to show their true support by purchasing.

I didn’t get to take many photos – I wonder why! so have relied on others to forward some to me.

If you haven’t seen the exhibition, do not panic. It shows all of March & April. So no excuse, you have time to fly from anywhere in the world to view the 36 works.

I’ll meet you for coffee!



  1. Very stylish indeed !
    Great photos and commentary – just a glimpse of what I missed out on on the night , and a hint of what I will see when we meet for coffee !


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