The Famous Harry de Wheels Pie Cart

The famous Harry de Wheels Pie Cart

The famous Harry de Wheels Pie Cart

Managed to get to Sketch Club today. I can do the Sunday ones if all the stars are aligned.

This was a very appealing place to sketch. Everyone met in front of the Art Gallery NSW and trotted down the steps to Woolloomooloo. How about that for a place name! It’s aboriginal but I need to look up the meaning – sometime.

The idea was to sketch any of the subjects along the old restored wharf with it’s line up of top restaurants, expensive boats moored in front, or even round the other side to sketch the naval ships which protect our shores from invasion – I think.

For me it was Harry’s Pie Cart. Still there in what was once a pretty average area. Famous as a late night cafe to stand around supping on the famous Pie Floater. Thats a pie floating in gravy with squashed peas on top. Yum yum. Particularly appealing if you’ve had a hard night.

But all sorts of movie stars would be photographed there alongside our version of Al Capone and his buddies. Ordinary folk  too would rock on down to consume this top cuisine, best not seen in daylight.

And there lo and behold, several members of the Sydney Sketch Club were seen in broad daylight ordering up big at lunch time!! We all know who you are!!  Lots of laughs of course but I only got one sketch done, well, another on the ferry but that doesn’t count.



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