SKETCHyourCAKE (and eat it too)

Sketch your cake

Sketch your cake

Now a regular event every second month.

It’s a great chance for foodies to learn to sketch fabulous dishes quickly. It’s just 2 hours and because the display is right there in front of us, we will learn very fast how to observe and get it on paper.Somehow knowing you’ll soon be eating that exquisite morsel is a great incentive to sketch at high speed.

Bookings Erin 0412 141 223 /

I’m suggesting watercolour pencils over the black line sketch, because that’s a very fast way to get the colour on. With the splash of water they brighten up beautifully.

Materials $15 extra if you don’t have your own.

Now. Once you have completed your sketch you can enjoy eating the display. You will also have some delightful reminders of what the High Tea looked like in the beginning. Yummmmmm.

Oooops. My sketch looked so good I ate it!

We now have several beautiful High Tea Venues. Ask about a place and the next date.



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