Cake Sketching is Very Serious

Sketching is serious business

Sketching is serious business

Good enough to eat

Good enough to eat

It was so wet outside we could barely see the beach through the window. Mono colour. Soft blues/greys. Umbrellas.

But we were inside and cosily seated in the Red Room at our big table, at Bathers’ Pavilion. Very happily. Our tiered stands of offerings were being placed before each guest, and a moment’s silence ensued.

Ethna bravely started on the whole stand, and it worked beautifully. Therese did the same then decided to do individual sketches and then eat each one. Good planning indeed. The best seems to be to get the coloured pencil onto the sketch, use the waterbrush, eat the subject. One by sweet one.

Sonnia hadn’t sketched before but had been hoping to get a chance. What better way to start. She threw herself into it and produced some very yummy sketches.

It does however mean cold tea and coffee – which always gets forgotten in the concentration.  Cakes and savouries don’t go cold. Luckily. Haven’t found any way round it. Sketching does that.

Another happy ‘Sketch your Cake’ session with brightly coloured memories, as we step back out into the rain. Smiling.




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