International Sketchcrawl – Cockatoo Island Sydney

Glamping & the Big House above

Glamping & the Big House above

From high above on Cockatoo Island

From high above on Cockatoo Island

It was Sketch Club and International Sketchcrawl day.

At last I had a Saturday free, and I could take part. The day dawned with a complete fog-out. My biggest concern was that the ferry would be able to see it’s way across to the city and over to the island.

Yes it could see just fine, so Ethna and I hopped on a fairly early one and made our way there, holding off having coffee till we had arrived.

The cloud layers lifted and the day became quite hot, as 30+ people gathered there to catch up and sketch all over the island.

I wandered about before settling on this aspect of the glamping tents on the flat being overlooked by the mansion on the hill – and that great metal staircase leading up. Not as many people in the tents as I’d expected, but there were several having a wonderful family cookup in the cooking area  behind where I’d found a seat. The aroma of bacon wafted through the air, the mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs – only 2 hrs before lunch!! Why am I feeling hungry already!

So I completed the colour and escaped temptation by walking along to the far end , passing Mumma duck and 10 teenage ducklings. She was amazing at keeping them all together. Such a peaceful piece of the inner harbour and a glorious day by now.

Up a sloping roadway taking in all sorts of historical signage about prisoners in late 1830 and where they were kept, what they built etc. So many fascinating buildings and structures and cranes and power houses. Deciding what to sketch is the hardest part.

In the end I found a perfect seat above the cliff edge looking down over the harbour to the bridge.

So 12.30 rolled around and time to meet everyone back at base (the cafe) to see what they’d been up to. Loved seeing what Liz, Alissa, Ethna, Chris and the others had achieved, and how different they all were.

Always have fun and much laughter when we all get together. And sketching is our bond. When you travel as a sketcher it’s always possible to meet up with another sketcher you’ve never met before, wherever you may be.

Looking forward to seeing what others round the world sketched today.



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