Sydney turns on one of it’s best

Scary crow people

Scary crow people – line & watercolour pencil

Table decor at lunch

Table decor at lunch – line & watercolour pencil

Home, view from the ferry

Home, view from the ferry – line & watercolour pencil

Ferry view to Bathers

Ferry view to Bathers – line & watercolour pencil

Up early, perfect blue sky through the curtains, sit for a minute having my porridge, off to catch the 8.50am ferry to Sydney.

Grab a coffee at the cafe I like on the beach edge, get the little legs going nineteen to the dozen to the wharf.

Pure joy. What a day. Sydney delivers these just to remind you it can. One of it’s best. Not a breath of wind. Clear air. Harbour vistas to die for.

Found a good seat on the ferry, and did a quick sketch looking towards our townhouse nestling in the autumn sun on the slope.

Hurrying through the Botanical gardens I passed these 2 scare crows at the First Fleet gardens. How quaint. Quick sketch. Done.

I was on an adventure to see the 2012 Archibald  Wynne & Sulman Art Prizes, at the Art Gallery of NSW. Jo had suggested some of us might like to have an outing and check out the paintings. We’d meet on the steps and have lunch later. So Jan, Jacquie, Therese and myself all decided that sounded like a very good idea.

As with all major portrait competitions, one is often surprised to see what the judges decide on. Actually for once I thought they chose well. The Archibald is Portrait paintings, The Wynne is landscape or figurative sculpture, and the Sulman is genre or mural paintings. Some really inspiring works and even those one doesn’t quite get – always expand your mind a little.

Out on the steps again, and there was Jacquie out with the sketchbook doing a lovely little study towards the park. The park is where we were headed for lunch outside among the trees and sunshine, at Pavilion on the Park restaurant. More sketching and chatting took place before a selection of very sketchable dishes arrived – but we all just tucked in. Hunger took over.

So ended a very relaxed and enjoyable day. Everyone happy. Friends together enjoying a common interest and a delightful lunch. It doesn’t get much better.


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