Trying Inktense Pencils on Sketches

Line sketches with Inktense pencils & water

Line sketches with Inktense pencils & water

This was an experiment. So that we can try different mediums with colour on our sketches, we tried out Elaine’s Inktense pencils. Two arrangements of hibiscus. Luscious blooms.

At first we thought they may be similar to the regular watercolour pencils we use. We still use layering. Just 4 colours you’ll get every colour you want. No colour is used as is. All the colours benefit form a light layer of the others. You learn to press lighter or darker and fade edges. But here the colour really pinged out when the waterbrush was used sparingly.

On other days we use the mini watercolour set. All the techniques are quite different from each other and it  does take you out of your comfort zone a little when trying something new. That’s good. Who knows – this could be what you’ve been looking for all your life. But on the other hand, maybe not. But you learn something every time you try something different. And it gives you ideas about how you’d like your sketches to look.


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