Sketching at MCA

MCA & Biennale

MCA & Biennale

Sketching at MCA

Sketching at MCA

We’re on Term break, so some of us decided to grab a bit of ‘culture’ with a visit to the MCA and Biennale.

There is a fab new wing so the 4 levels now spread between old and new, not that you are aware once trying to figure out some of the artwork.

We were very keen to check out Lee Mingwei and ‘The Mending Project’. Such a fascinating project and idea. You can see all the big cotton reels round the walls – well they are attached to the Mending – which is heaped on the table. You can leave something for ‘Mending’ and wait while it’s being done. We’re not talking suit alterations here, more a little fiddly dee coloured stitching, then it’s added to the other scarves, teddies tops etc, and you pick it up in 3 months.

Leonie was so taken with it all that she had Lee Mingwei do a little fancy stitching on her scarf, and there she is with Jenny and Marina, utterly entranced. You chat away while things are happening and others join in. A wonderful interaction between artist and viewer.

We all viewed anything that took our fancy and there was plenty. Really one wonders at some artist’s imagination and patience. There is some astonishing work on display. It does make you think outside the box a little.

We gathered for lunch at the new cafe on level 4 with a view you have to see. It was a little changeable weatherwise, but we all sketched away happily, observing the views and people observing the views.

Had a great time, as we always do.


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