Thursday July 26th. Arcade Sketching Fruit & Veggies

Sketching in the Arcade

Sketching in the Arcade

Fruitilicious Sketches

Fruitilicious Sketches

Thursday's Veggie Still Life

Thursday’s Veggie Still Life

Thursday's Fruit Still Life

Thursday’s Fruit Still Life

Thursday’s Class was being challenged today. A fruit and veggie still life, both to be sketched and colour applied in one hour. If you are travelling, (and 2 of the girls are about to), you’d be lucky to even get that long.

So this was us, imagining we were in Rome or Athens or Tibet, just sketching something quickly which sums up the feel of where we are.

We are off to a local arcade, where we were planning a sketch of a little family business selling fruit, veg, flowers and sweets. This is the way things are in the small villages of Europe. Places which haven’t changed much in generations, and which have a quality we want to record and enjoy, particularly in Manly Australia.

Over lunch at Hum Cafe next door, everyone worked fast to get some colour on, between bites, so that we could take a pic. Of course these weren’t all complete, but they all had the feeling of a little place  which might be somewhere else far away.


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