Friday July 27. Arcade Sketching.

Friday Fruit & Veg Still Life

Friday Fruit & Veg Still Life

Friday. Sketching Fruilicious

Friday. Sketching Fruilicious

What a gorgeous day for 2 new people to discover the joys of Travel Sketching. Our regulars got to do the veggies with dutch carrots, while the other table was for the people beginning this wonderful journey. Mind you for one ‘veggie sketcher’ this was only her second class, so you can see how quickly she’s picked this up. We used watercolour pencil and waterpen for colouring.

Then down the hill to Roycroft Arcade for our ‘Out & About’ part of the morning. Past the Second hand bookshop, past the Cobbler, past the Adult shop,and the Art printer to Fruitilicious. Because there are displays of produce spread across the Arcade, there are plenty of sketch choices.

I was so delighted with both the new girls and their delightful sketches. Everybody chose something they felt summed up the essence of this little place and you can see what fun they had when you see the results. At the cafe, Annie launched into watercolour, with very nice clear colours while the others very successfully managed watercolour pencil. Another enjoyable morning.



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