Thursday 9 & Friday10 August Sketch Classes

Thursday Aug 9 House detail Sketches

Thursday Aug 9 House detail Sketches

Today we started with the human form – the little wooden mannequins. They are a very simple way of seeing the proportions of the body. If you are out and about sketching, it’s going to be hard to avoid people getting in your way – so might as well get the form into your head and get them into your sketches. If you can’t beat them join them.

Some of our students love to get a person sitting somewhere, and they’re quite oblivious to being sketched as a rule. People give a sense of scale to many a sketch which might be a little flat them. Take courage and have a go. They always add a fun element even if you feel unsure. The more often you try it, the more confident you’ll be. They’re not going into the Archibald…… but then again!

Then through the park and along to Foundry 53 Cafe. From here there’s a good choice of older Manly homes, some with decorative detailing, and perfect for getting perspective into gear. You can see from the sketches above, the interesting variety of subjects chosen. A very enjoyable session, with some yummy lunch choices partaken between sketches.

Friday Aug 10. Mannequin Sketches

Friday Aug 10. Mannequin Sketches

Friday Aug 10. Sketches from Foundry 53 Cafe

Friday Aug 10. Sketches from Foundry 53 Cafe

The mannequins were back in position today. Who knows what they get up to when nobody’s there. One in a lying down position, the other in a slouch standing pose. Yes they challenge. All your observation and visual measuring skills are called on. Everyone manages well, and each person is able to say where they could correct the sketch they had produced. That’s great. Better that you recognise where your own improvements need to be, rather than me pointing them out.

The weather was holding out and we headed down to Foundary 53 cafe for Manly homes and architectural detail sketches. The front here is wide and it’s possible to sit and sketch what’s across the street in comfort, coffee at hand. Interestingly 2 sketches were of the captive bicycle leaning up out front. We do bikes and motor cycles sometimes. Again heaps of them in Europe where they’ll feature often in your sketches.

There’s a very intriguing sketch here, of the wall mural and figure in foreground.The figure has colour and background very little and it works so well. The other of interest is the busy cafe counter with what’s on it, under it and at the back. Very much the character of this buzzy place. The weather closed in as we took off to our places of shelter. An excellent week again.





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