Travel / Sketch to Auckland

Getting ready

Getting ready

Shouldn’t really be doing this. It’s probably better to be completing the packing, but thought this wouldn’t take a minute!

Yesterday was the start of getting things together for the one suitcase Milton and I will take. We’re pretty good at taking just what we need. I always say to myself, never fear – there are shops there! If anything is forgotten that is.

We had a fabulous lunch in the afternoon with a delightful couple who are also painters. Alister is Australia’s top equine painter and Mary paints gorgeous children on the beach portraits, and her flower paintings are to die for. They are also wonderful hosts, so for a few hours deciding what to pack was anything but on my mind.

I’m also organising my Manly Arts Festival Sketch activities and it looks like I can pull off sketching ‘Man on the Tyres’ as a group on my Sunday Sketches. I’m about to work out whether I can get him into the Studio for the 3 weeks. Thank you Jean Hay you are a woman of your word. Jean is the Mayor of Manly and a very positive person to have on your side.

Also – just sending off the info and pics for our Fiji Island Sketch Trip for next September (2013) One needs to have all these things organised so that people know all the goss, a good amount of time ahead. I’m also thrilled to say our Yoga leader will be part of that Tour. A little touch of yoga each morning before we float off to our daily sketching. Aaaaaaa Oooooooommmmmmmm.

Well , better face the packing thing again. Oh yes the dog needs a bath and delivering to her best friend Ruby’s house in Paddington. She always know exactly where we are when we pull up outside.

Off I go. OMG is it that time already!  Will see what sketches I can squeeze in from here!



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