Wood in Architecture, Coffee & Yummy things

From Dizengoff Cafe

From Dizengoff Cafe

Now it’s coming back to me. The most used building material here is wood. Beautiful homes and elegant buildings. All of wood. No termites to munch them up.
Milton and I had coffee further along the main road at Dizzengoff Cafe.
Right behind Milton’s head was the Polynesian Methodist Church, a lovely old building in wood.
It ended up as a sketch amongst the other bits and pieces on the page.
Also passed by bright green lawns with little white daisies scattered all over. Used to make daisy chains with them when I was five.
There are sweet sparrows here. I don’t see them at home.
They have blackbirds too, with orange beaks who have the loveliest songs.
Then off to lunch with a group of friends from advertising days. We have such a great time remembering!!
I like the shops too. Surprisingly, I’m not a shopper but the ones along this stretch have me gazing in.
I love good design be it food, fashion or gifts and homewares.
More tomorrow.


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