Everyone has a Grapefruit Tree

Grapefruit trees

Grapefruit trees

Coffee & Cake

Coffee & Cake

They really do have citrus trees in every garden. Lemons, grapefruit and –  even feijoas.

Our family here has the most beautiful grapefruit at the end of the garden, and the fruit rest on the balcony railing on the next level up. Help yourself. Well yes I will thanks.
I also make sure to collect all the ones fallen on the ground too.
Some people cut them in half and them round each segment to free them from the pith. It takes a moment but is worth it.
I like to peel the fruit then cut in quarters and chop into bite size pieces. That way you can help yourself to how much you want and add more fruit when you wish and it just gets juicier.
I haven’t mentioned that most people add sugar to counterbalance the tartness.
Being a purist, I choose not to.
Nor can I believe how many people don’t like them at all and leave them rotting in their gardens.
Thought hey tell me fresh fruit is left free at the gate.
In this world we shouldn’t waste anything.
From here I could also see the neighbour’s laden tree, and I know all those homes beyond will have one or two.
This and the coffee & cake sketch were done at high speed.
This is the joy of Travel Sketching.
Of course the other joy is working out how to post from my iphone!
A bit to learn yet but I’m getting there.
By the way I was thrilled to see that some of the class took themselves sketching together last week.
That makes me feel so proud.
Anyway,more Auckland sketches tomorrow.

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