Sketching with a Friend

Sketch day with Glenys

Sketch day with Glenys

We had such a lovely catchup day.
This is a long term painting friend who I’ve painted with since we reconnected many a year back.

We would plan a day to go on location, take our dogs and our picnic lunch and off we’d go.
Both of us were working in oils then, though I went seriously into watercolour after that, and more recently to acrylic and line.

At her studio I was thrilled to see Glenys trying new mediums and loving the freeing up.
I think that’s what I’ve found in using line with either watercolour or acrylic – the freedom to let go.
I’m not suggesting it’s easier. It’s not. Once you commit there’s less chance to go back.
But when you ‘nail it’ you know it.

Anyway, getting back to our day out.
Coffee was and always is an essential kick start.
Up to Agnes Curran for a ‘flat white’ as we call them down under.
Let me add that if you are in San Francisco you’ll get something almost as good nowadays.

Then it was down to see her city studio and see what journey she is on.
Such authority in the work now and some great working drawings/sketches.
We talked all day about our art and where it’s taking us. We always could.

A short walk away from her home is this gorgeous view from the historical little chapel and graveyard to the motorway and clanking container wharf beyond.
My Dad used to have his yacht moored along here when I was a kid. Remember going along that road every weekend. I didn’t end up being a sailor.

What a lovely day we had. This is my little sketch and Glenys did a very vigorous charcoal one. I could hear her from where I was standing.

Home to a beautiful dinner with our boys.
Another delightful day in our Auckland visit.


  1. Trisha Bridges

    Loved hearing about your day with Glenys! I remember her from the Art Toscana week in Barga, Italy!
    Wish I could join you when you are in the states soon, or better yet come to Texas! We could show you a good time ! Later, Trisha Bridges


    • Hi Trisha, I think you should come to Boston! I will only get that far this trip, and people are coming from Canada to join the Workshop.Maybe if enough people in Austin were keen, I could look into it another time. Just a thought! XXE


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