Sketching Yogis Day Out

Sketching at Splendid Cafe, Agar Steps

Sketching at Splendid Cafe, Agar Steps

Goat's cheese salad - salade de fromage de chèvres

Goat’s cheese salad – salade de fromage de chèvres

What a lovely day we had together. Our yoga – Sketch group – we  do enjoy our times together.

Jo had organised us to meet and view the Portia Geach portrait prize at S.H. Ervin Gallery atop Observatory Hill. We would meet at 10 and sketch around a bit till the Gallery opened.

I arrived earlier, to find a coffee spot and do a little sketching. I was so thrilled to find the Agar Steps leading down to Kent Street with my idea of a perfect cafe at the base, the aroma of coffee meeting me as I descended.

The tables are at the base and others on the sandstone steps going up, edged by old Terrace houses with plenty of iron railing details and decorative doors and trim. My table was in the shade out of the already hot sun.

As I sketched a familiar figure wandered past. Jacquie. Back from Singapore. How lovely to see you. Have a coffee and take a seat. So we spent a lovely half hour before climbing back up to meet the others under the most massive old Morton Bay Fig Tree.

And there was Therese, just off the plane after a few weeks in Rome and London. A little bit glazed but definitely awake. In fact she emailed this evening and was still on her feet – sort of.  Jan, Pam, and Jo were also there. Much chat took place and even some sketching.

The weather was unbelievably perfect. You can see most of Sydney Harbour looking towards Cockatoo Island and all.

We all then toddled over to the National Trust Cafe and ordered coffee and spent time thinking about lunch, hearing how everyone had been during our Term break. Lydia found us there and joined in the conversation.

Lunch was beautiful. Their salads are so imaginative and sketchable. I did do mine as you can see. It took me longer to do the words than the sketch itself!

The exhibition was as always a mix of paintings one relates too and others one doesn’t. That’s art. Good to see it all. Makes you think.


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