Grevillea & Belgian Waffles

Back to Sketch Classes again for Term 4. Oct 11 & 12 ’12

Thursday October 11.  Bit of a grey ol’ day, after the hot hot ones we’ve had it was a bit tough. But let’s see what we got up to this week.

Thursday Oct 11. Red Bottlebrush and gold Grevillea

Thursday Oct 11. Red Bottlebrush and gold Grevillea

The native Spring flowers are just glorious at the moment.

Streets and gardens are lined with red bottlebrush and various warm shades of grevillea. On my way to the Studio I picked 2 nice bunches as our still life warmup.

Not as easy as it looks. Bottlebrush are very soft but the colour can appear solid.  The Grevllia are quite complex in their design.They have loops when beginning to flower which open out as tendrils as they mature. The colours are just wonderful.

Some excellent sketches.

Thursday Oct 11. Belgium Waffle Cafe

Thursday Oct 11. Belgian Waffle Cafe

Off to Belgian Waffle Cafe at the Corso end of the little Manly Walk Arcade.

Louie has done an amazing job restoring and exposing the lovely old timber walls and pressed metal ceilings. These had been completely hidden behind panels way back when being ‘modern’ meant bland.

His waffles are to die for and the coffee from his screaming yellow La Marzocco espresso machine is definitely up there with the best.

Some did views out to the Corso and others the Cafe interior.  Some great sketches today.

So what will Friday’s group do with these subjects?


Friday Oct 12. Pink & Gold Grevillea

Friday Oct 12. Pink & Gold Grevillea

Friday October 12.

Last week I was walking home in 35 degrees. Today the radio says there are roads closed because of snow.  Wore my hooded raincoat – a bit hard to know what’s in store!

A little group of happy sketchers today. Next week the missing 5 should be with us again.  Everyone did a sketch of the Grevilleas they were pleased with and could appreciate the exquisite designs and colours of them.

Friday Oct 12. Interior Belgian Waffle Cafe

Friday Oct 12. Interior Belgian Waffle Cafe

Belgian Waffle Cafe was our destination again. When I mention where we are headed there is definitely a gasp of anticipation.

Of course we start with a coffee just to get ourselves in the zone. Mike and Denise were taking care of us today and we were very happy with our coffee, waffles and sketches.

It’s lovely when people stop to see what we are doing. Always in admiration and we love showing them what we are doing.

It was very funny when my husband walked in!  He happened to see us as he was about to pass. Why are you not at work earning money I enquired.  I got so cold I went home and got a coat and now Im looking for a hot pie was his response.  We had a few laughs and off he went.

Such a good week for sketching as you can see.

Denise seving waffles

Denise seving waffles

See what we do next week!

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  1. I want your life!!! hahaha No, really. I’ve been teaching art workshops locally (in Dallas) just a sprinkling of them. But my grand plans are to branch out and teach other places… New Mexico, CA, Seattle (any place with some beautiful scenery – NOT Dallas!) and then possibly Europe. But I am still raising my two kids. So I have to be patient. I love seeing your pics of sketches, yours and students. Any advice?


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