Delicious Fruit & Beach Sketches

Nov1,2 & 3.’12. You’ll want to eat some of the fruit sketches you see here from our weekly classes.

Thurs. Nov 1. Summer friuts still life.

Thurs. Nov 1. Summer friuts still life.

West Esplanade beside the sea

West Esplanade beside the sea


We could feel the heat in the air today, with a hot wind sweeping through. The rain never did come.

It was summer fruits today as our warm-up still life.  Oranges are seemingly simple but need a touch of blue to give them roundness.  Leaving white edges on the light side gives depth.

Visiting today was Adeline, who will be our French tutor when our Sketch&French classes begin on November 13.  We all encouraged her to sketch along with us and she did a delicious fruit still life.

It will be fun to see how she manages to have us speaking French after our class with her!

For our outdoors sketch it was along to West Esplanade to consider a boat shed, or beachscape, or treescape.  The challenge here is one we often face. What exactly DO I want to sketch? The answer is to look around for something that catches your eye. Just a small something is all it takes. You don’t have to do a 180 degree anything. Less is more!

Interpolitan Cafe was where we sank into the chairs ordered coffee and lunch while completing the sketches.

Wondering what Friday’s class will do with this seaside location? Well take a look……

Friday Nov 2. Oranges & Apples

Friday Nov 2. Oranges & Apples

Friday Nov 2. The old Manly Deli

Friday Nov 2. The old Manly Deli


More heat and hot wind. Well it’s not New York so we’re very happy.

Two fruit still life setups to get down and coloured in an hour. Remember the white space at the top of everything. Remember this is sketching. We’re not colouring in. Get the light and dark in fast – you are on a time limit. Travel sketching is like that.

5 mins or 25. Work fast to suit the time you have.

Down the hill to the Corso. An onshore breeze meant yesterday’s seaside spot wouldn’t work. So instead it was the old Italian style Manly Deli. Fruit displayed in baskets out the front, with hand written price cards. Shelves of goodies inside and big display cabinets of all the tempting meats, sausage, poultry, cheese, olives and veg for you to eat here or take away.

You’ll see a variety of sketches all getting the essence of this traditional deli where customers are king – or queen!

Down an alleyway and tucked in behind the building is a secret courtyard where we took a table big enough for all and enjoyed being together and seeing what we’d done.

How will Saturday’s class do with these subjects? Time to see their work…….

Sat Nov 3. Fruit still life

Sat Nov 3. Fruit still life

Sat Nov 3. Selection from Manly Deli

Sat Nov 3. Selection from Manly Deli


Looked like rain but luckily it didn’t.

Our fruit was looking delicious and the mango aroma was very enticing. People are sketching well now, and understanding to take a look first at how all the shapes relate.

Some used watercolour, others watercolour pencil. Good to have both techniques to use whenever one or other seems to suit.

Manly Deli was a great subject for us this week. Following last week’s outside architecture we were now coming into a store location, and seeing what we felt was a ‘summing up’ of what it meant to us.  That then would be your sketch, or a selection of them.

We then enjoyed the secret courtyard to have our lunch, complete the work and see where we were all at.

What a good week and some wonderful sketches from everybody.

Some fun sketches will be happening next week. Watch this space!




  1. Absolutley Delicious ! I always look forward to your email blog update arrving in my inbox. I enjoy looking at everyone’s sketches and feel like I am there with you (and wish I could be) . There is such a wonderful variety of styles and they all capture the objects you draw and the places you visit.


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