Sketches – Australian Ballet rehearsal

Quick sketches at the Opera House

Quick sketches at the Opera House

I was delighted to accompany Grace, my 9 yr old great niece, to a production the Australian Ballet puts on for young people.

The barre is set up on stage in the smaller of the 2 performance halls at the Sydney Opera House. At least 30 -40 male and female dancers are going through the same warmup routines they do every day. Only this time it’s on a stage, with a pianist playing in the wings.

The ballet master is giving them routines to follow, which has all parts of their bodies stretching and bending lifting and folding.

Somehow the French terms became familiar again, as I recalled my 16 year old self listening to my own ballet teacher and then going through similar movements.

Grace, cousin Jess and I were all absolutely enthralled by the dancers and the wonderful use of their finely tuned limbs. Pure design!

The sketches I managed were done at the beginning, as various movements took place and I could attempt to get those on paper as they gracefully moved from one move to the next.

A lovely and fun performance by some of the dancers followed the rehearsals and was just enough to keep the young audience spellbound and giggling when the bossy Mother, acted out exaggerated movements and expressions. Works every time.

A really enjoyable and interesting show.


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