My New Perfume

My Perfume

My Perfume – as a Greeting Card


It’s a pre Christmas perfume from someone very lovely. AAAaaaaaaaaaah.

I couldn’t wait till Christmas and decided now was the moment. For some people it’s chocolate, for me it’s perfume. Has to be opened now!

It’s quite interesting to try a new perfume when you’ve spent years finding and savouring the ones that mean so much to you.

You feel it’ll have a lot to live up to to join that historical stable of time, place and memories. All my past comes back when I get a whiff of one of them. They take me from the Far East to Europe. From my teenage years to now. There’s a movie in there somewhere!

Balenciaga is presented in an unusual but beautifully solid, irregularly shaped glass bottle, with a round white stopper with a cracked ‘soccer ball’ style pattern.

The first sense of the newly applied perfume was that it fitted into the classic category – almost.

But no, it changed as I wore it into the evening, as will happen.

In fact after several hours I wasn’t sure about it at all.

However I have worn it for 2 days now and have become very fond of the quite powerful scent which wafts about me, and now I think I’m smitten.

(Above is my original sketch, made into a little greeting card which is going to the sender.)

Quote from ‘Now Smell This’ perfume blog.

They brought back perfumer Olivier Polge, who developed 2010′s Balenciaga Paris, a fragrance that seemed an excellent start for the brand’s revival as a perfume house under the auspices of Coty

Quote by Balenciaga

“A lovely paradox. A demure violet with airy blossom and delicate peppery notes. A fragrance that is mysterious and fragile, yet leaves a lasting trail.

Scent notes: pepper, violet leaves, violet, cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver.”


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