High Heels, Beaches and Cakes

We’ve had a fun week sketching saucy shoes, sandy beaches, and ending with an elegant High Tea. Nov 29, 30th 2012.

Saucy Red Shoes - & Sneakers Nov 28.

Saucy Red Shoes – & Sneakers Nov 28.

Beachside Manly Nov 28

Beachside Manly Nov 28


Shoes are made for Sketching!

The red, purple and fushia high heels are wedding shoes as worn by the bridesmaids at a certain Mexican style wedding this year.

The conservative blue wedges were worn by Mother of the bride!

The sketchers really enjoyed doing these and many chuckles could be heard.

Sneakers always have personality, and the sketches here also brought smiles all-round.

Being a hot day, we decided to sketch beachside at Manly where all the schools seemed to having surf lessons.

As you can see in Ethna’s there were heaps of kid’s racing in and out of the water wearing red tops.

Manly Wine across the street is a great location for lunch, jam packed with kitcsh decor and perfect for sketching.

Ann did the pink flamingoes perched on the window sill between us and the iconic beach view.

An excellent day.

What will Friday’s group do with the same locations?…………………..

Sneakers & High heels. Nov 30

Sneakers & High heels. Nov 30

Down at Manly Beach.Nov 30

Down at Manly Beach.Nov 30


We are having some hot days indeed. Over 30 degrees but you know us. Sketchers soldier on regardless.

Today our sneakers and high heels were given some great sketch treatments. You can see the personality in the shoes. They almost talk.

The beach at Manly was again a fun location and an absolute classic Australian iconic scene.

You’ll see the stories all told in today’s sketches.

Lunch at Manly Wine was really fun.

It is a complete mix of every decor style under the sun – and it works.

For people like us it’s one amazing sketch possibility.

However the food was so tasty and delicious, we just got stuck in.

Now for our Monthly  SketchyourCake High Tea………… 

Tea cups & Cakes. Nov 30

Tea cups & Cakes. Nov 30

Sketch your Cake Nov 30

Sketch your Cake Nov 30

Cake selection

Cake selection

Which to sketch first?

Which to sketch first?

Cupcakes before colour

Cupcakes before colour

Scones jam & Cream

Scones jam & Cream


This was an exciting day. A new venue and new selection of tasty morsels at our Sketch your Cake High Tea.

A beautiful table setting welcomed us in the large airy high ceilinged Federation style mansion.

Pretty teacups were a must to begin our sketches,  and await our tea or coffee.

Very soon two large 3 tiered displays of scones, mini macarons, fudge chocolate squares, and piped topped cupcakes.

Two of our guests had never sketched before, and luckily their daughter in law was able to translate my guiding words into Japanese.

Everyone sketched happily, putting on colour and admiring what each person had achieved and then remembering to to eat.

Language was no barrier to our sharing an enjoyable afternoon sketching and tasting beautiful food.


One comment

  1. Atsuko

    What a fantastic time I spent with my parents in law in High Tea sketching!! Erin and some lovely sketchers warmly welcomed my laws from Japan and encouraged them to enjoy sketching and tasting. I’d like to say thank you to all of them. ‘Language was no barrier’….is absolutely right in Erin’s class!!


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