Father & Son Sketching

Private sketching lessons are a excellent way to discover your skills in one easy lesson. December 1 2012.

First Sketch for the boys

First Sketch for the boys

I always feel thrilled to see people who didn’t think they could sketch, actually discover they can.  With some guidance in how to observe your subject, and break it into shapes, we always achieve some very pleasing sketches.

Today we had the lovely old car to warmup on.  Such clear shapes, squares, rounds, sweeps and angles.  Piece them together and there you have it.

Next to park, to study tree shapes and plants, and then to Foundry 53 Cafe, for some sustenance and interior sketching.

What a nice idea for a Father & son to learn a skill together, and both thoroughly enjoyed their time.  I’ve had Mothers & daughters many times and now it’s the boy’s turn.  In fact when it was time for me to go, they stayed on to complete their work.


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