Indulge Your Senses

Christmas chocolate from Cafe Chocolat

Christmas chocolate from Cafe Chocolat

Well that’s what it demands I do. Cafe Chocolat it says ‘Indulge your senses’ right there on the box.

So of course I already have. But before I popped another divine little creation into my waiting mouth – I stopped – I could see a sketch coming on, so announced to the waiting throng that no one could have another.

Whew. Managed to arrange the shapes into a tree form and began to sketch furiously. Meantime ‘they’ are hovering over the table, “have you finished yet?”

So now there are a few missing. They’re mine. I’m the boss of them. You have to grovel!

Thank you to the bearer of Gifts.




  1. Katherine

    Erin, what a lovely arrangement of your chocolates! Knowing the speed at which you sketch I’m sure your guests didn’t have to wait tooooo long before they indulged!


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