Sydney Hobart Race

 Boxing Day start

Boxing Day start

This is one of the biggest yachting races in the Southern hemisphere. Every Boxing Day yachts as small as 30 metres and up to Super Maxis compete on a 3 day dash from Sydney to Hobart in Tasmania.

We didn’t get the Christmas day rain but we sure as heck had a huge southerly buster. Every year these adventurous folk get themselves into all weather gear, and hit the ocean to work themselves day and night till they arrive in the harbour at the other end.

It’s always a battle of wits between man (woman) and weather and always there are some who crash out. Lives are sometimes lost.

The whole fleet were coming towards the heads when I did my sketch, with the Manly Ferry trying to get clear.

It’s a fabulous sight and hundreds of craft escort the fleet all the way down the harbour till they turn the corner and head south.

My Dad used to be this kind of sailor. You’d think it’d be in my blood. But nope, I’m happier on a cruise liner deck chair with my sketch book!



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